Mayka is a contemporary womenswear brand based in Dubai, created by Egyptian designer May Orfy. Her vision was always a simple one, to design beautiful statement pieces at an accessible price point. Through her passion for her concept, the brand was born.  

 Mayka is inspired by the designer's love for travel and draws from cross-cultural influences she has been exposed to during her worldly exploration. Fuelled by passion and individuality, Mayka represents modernity, independence and the unity of women through meticulously crafted garments. Redefining the ideals of high fashion, high-end wear is made accessible and a timeless representation of identities is born; a Mayka piece is more than just a garment, it is a statement. Illuminating the artistry of design with every piece, Mayka infuses details and versatile techniques to tell stories that call out to independent thinkers, free-soul travelers and passion chasers.





     is owned and managed by Mayka Garments Trading LLC